MeetMe, Inc. recognizes the importance of building shareholder trust. To fulfill its responsibilities to shareholders, the Board of Directors exercises best practices in corporate governance to ensure that the Company’s business complies with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Management feels it has created the optimal corporate structure to realize MeetMe’s potential and has established the appropriate financial controls and oversight of the Company’s internal processes:

  • MeetMe, Inc. adheres to the highest levels of ethical business practices, as embodied by the Code of Ethics, which provides guidelines for ethical conduct by our Board of Directors, Management, and employees.
  • The Board of Directors has set corporate governance guidelines to provide a framework so Management and the Board can operate effectively together to achieve MeetMe’s objectives for the benefit of our shareholders.
  • More than two-thirds of the Directors on MeetMe’s Board are independent as defined by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the NASDAQ.
  • We report our financial results in a clear and concise manner, in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

MeetMe, Inc. pledges to maintain the highest standards of integrity, on behalf of our shareholders, community members, and employees.

Governance Documents:

Insider Trading Policy
Code of Conduct
Whistleblower Protection Policy


Audit Committee (View Charter)

  • Ernesto Cruz, Chair
  • Jean Clifton
  • Spencer Rhodes

Compensation Committee (View Charter)

  • Malcolm Jozoff, Chair
  • Ernesto Cruz
  • Spencer Rhodes

Nominating and Governance Committee (View Charter)

  • Alonso Ancira, Chair
  • Ernesto Cruz


Communications with the Board of Directors.  Security holders or interested parties who wish to communicate with the Board may do so by writing in care of Frederic Beckley, Corporate Secretary.  Please indicate by title (Board, Committee Chairman, etc.) or name to which your correspondence is directed and send to Frederic Beckley, Corporate Secretary, MeetMe, Inc., 100 Union Square Drive, New Hope, PA 18938 or to corpsecatmeetmedotcom  (corpsecatmeetmedotcom)  .

The Board of Directors has established procedures for handing communications from security holders and directed the Corporate Secretary to act as its agent in processing any communications received.  All communications that relate to matters within the scope of the responsibilities of the Board and its Committees will be forwarded to non-management directors.  Communications that relate to matters within the responsibility of one of the Board Committees will be forwarded to the chair of the appropriate Committee.  Communications that relate to ordinary business matters that are not within the scope of the Board’s responsibilities will be sent to the appropriate executive.

Solicitations, junk mail and obvious frivolous or inappropriate communications will not be forwarded, but will be made available to any non-management director upon request.