“I’ve learned more here at MeetMe than at any other time in my career. The talent is top-notch and the pace is fresh. We never hesitate to try a new technology that can benefit us, or innovate on our own — the goal is to be the best.”

Corky, Architect

“The Mobile Team at MeetMe is a critical part of the product development effort and is proving to be a sophisticated, collaborative, and fun team with interesting architectural challenges for our API and client (mobile web, Android, and iOS) engineers. Weekly architecture discussions put new ideas in the minds of the entire team (from QA to Engineer to Architect) and allow anyone to contribute or present. MeetMe is a great environment for anyone that enjoys a challenging work environment.”

Dallas, Sr. Applications Architect

“I think one of the best things about being a MeetMe developer is the environment in which we work. We have access to an amazing amount of resources, and an incredible team.”

Eric, PHP Developer

“Working for MeetMe isn’t just about doing your job every day, it’s also about enjoying the work hard/play hard atmosphere too. Late nights at the office are balanced out by company parties and free catered lunches and each summer I look forward to organizing our softball team. By the way, we could use a few more ringers…”

Justin, Senior Developer

“All of my friends are jealous of my job and are constantly asking if MeetMe is hiring. What can I say? From getting to work with an awesome team to perks like quarterly parties and company lunches, I rarely have anything to complain about.”

Kristen, Editorial & Communications Manager

“I find the overall work/life balance to be pretty good, especially for a startup moving at breakneck speed. Having a new family and working for a startup aren’t two things that typically go together very well. I’ve found MeetMe to be pretty good in this regard.”

Brian, Sr. Operations Developer

“Working in an interesting and fulfilling environment has always been important to me, and MeetMe definitely has those qualities. I began in Member Services, and through hard work and learning from my coworkers, I’ve become a Senior QA Analyst. Working here has changed my life in so many ways, and I feel that I’ve grown not only as employee but as a person through the friendships I’ve made.”

Gill, Sr. QA Analyst

“Having worked at MeetMe for over 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing it grow from the very beginning. Even though the company has grown about 10x the size it was when I started, it still feels like everyone is really close to one another. There are great perks, like complimentary drinks and company lunches, that really make working at MeetMe extra fun.”

Kate R., Design Manager

“When I arrived at MeetMe HQ for my interviews, the first thing I noticed was New Hope. It is one of the most beautiful and unique towns I’d ever seen – a perfect mix of culture and relaxation. I had no problem finding things to do (especially sightseeing)! 90 minutes from New York City; 60 minutes from Philadelphia; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better location!”

Will, Architect